Questão 15

How’s your mood? 
For an interesting attempt to measure cause and effect, try Mappiness, a project run by the London School of Economics that offers a phone app that prompts you to record your mood and situation. 
The Mappiness website says: “We’re particularly interested in how people’s happiness is affected by their local environment – air pollution, noise, green spaces, and so on. Such data will be absolutely great for investigating.” 
Will it work? With enough people, it might. But there are other problems. We’ve been using happiness and well-being interchangeably. Is that ok? The difference comes out in a sentiment like: “We were happier during the war.” But was our well-being also greater then? 
Disponível em: <> (adaptado). 
O projeto Mappiness, idealizado pela London School of Economics, ocupa-se do tema relacionado: 
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