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Cubans say US embargo a failure at 50 

By Jeff Franks 

HAVANA – Tue Feb 7, 2012 7:12pm EST 

(Reuters) – The 50th anniversary of the US trade embargo against Cuba on Tuesday was met with little fanfare on the island, where Cubans said it was a failed policy that had succeeded only in making their lives more difficult. 

They said if the embargo was lifted, they likely would live a little better, but some said it also would increase pressure on the Cuban government to fix problems that for years it has blamed on US sanctions. 

On February 7, 1962 what had been a partial embargo became a nearly total one as President John F. Kennedy tried to step up pressure on Cuba’s fiery young leader Fidel Castro, who at the height of the Cold War has aligned his country with the Soviet Union. 

The Kennedy administration hoped the trade ban would disrupt the Cuban economy and undermine the Castro government. 

Half a century and nine US presidents later, Fidel Castro, though mostly retired, is still around, his brother Raul Castro is leading the country and the communist system they created remains in place. 

But the embargo is still the cornerstone of US policy toward the Caribbean island 90 miles from Florida. 

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