Questão 15

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“Looks right to me” 
“It is known that people tend to subconsciously prefer the rightmost object in a sequence if given no other choice criteria,” says New Scientist magazine. When researchers at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville laid out a display of four identical items of clothing and asked people to pick which they thought was the best quality, “sure enough about four out of five participants did favour the garment on the right. Yet when asked why they made the choice they did, nobody gave position as a reason. It was always about the fineness of the weave, richer colour or superior texture. This suggests that while we may make our decisions subconsciously, we rationalize them in our consciousness, and the way we do so may be pure fiction or confabulation.” (Globe and Mail). 
In the text, researchers came to the conclusion that, in our consciousness, we: 
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