Questão 14

Technology words… 
by John Rigg 
Technology takes common words and gives them new meanings. A click is the sound you hear when you press a button or switch. When you put the top on a pen, it clicks into place. 
People click, too. When two people meet and immediately like each other, we say they have clicked. When we finally solve a difficult problem, we say everything clicked into place or suddenly became clear. Today we control our computers with a click of the mouse; when we surf the internet, those clicks become a valuable commodity. Internet advertisers pay “per click” on their advertisements, so site owners can become rich. This has, however, created a new crime called “click fraud”. Sites pay people to click repeatedly on the advertisements, and some even have click farms where teams click on advertisements all day! 
An old flame 
A fire burns and produces flames. People connected flames to heat and passion, so the word flame became a synonym for “lover”. Today it is used mostly in reference to an ex-lover: an old flame. In business a company that goes bankrupt is a flame out; and, when an angry person sends a series of insulting emails, it’s called flaming. 
The zombies are back! They have entered our homes and are taking over our computers. Originally, a zombie was a person controlled by a voodoo witchdoctor, who used powerful drugs to make him – or her – commit criminal acts. Hollywood has made a series of zombie movies, such as The Night of the Living Dead, in which the dead rise out of their graves. Nowadays our computers can become zombies. This is when hackers take control of them, and then use them to send thousands of spam emails, or to steal bank details. 
Speak up. São Paulo: Editora Peixes, n. 248, ano XX, 2008, p.27 (adapted). 
( UFT) According to the text, we can state that: 
I. The click fraud happens when two people meet and immediately like each other. 
II. The click is a valuable commodity because some sites pay people to click repeatedly on the advertisements. 
III. A flame out is when an angry person sends a series of insulting emails. 
IV. Our computers can become zombies when they are invaded and controlled by a voodoo witchdoctor. 
V. Hackers are paid by Hollywood movie makers to use the zombies to send thousand of spam emails, or steal bank details. 
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