Questão 14

Text 1 
A deluxe room at the luxurious Snake River Lodge & Spa, in Jackson, typically goes for $385 a night, but it can be reserved for $192 this fall. The agreement: in order to qualify for the discount, travelers must agree to spend a portion of their vacation moving barbed wire fences from one place to another so local wildlife can walk more freely. 
These days, it seems that almost every travel organization – from tour companies to luxury resorts – has a volunteer component, whether it is tracking iguanas on Grand Cayman or distributing food at soup kitchens in Moscow. You can even customize your trip, making it suitable for your interest, while staying at fashionable resorts. Hands Up Holidays combines luxury travel with “a taste of volunteering” through specially programmed volunteer vacations in 26 countries according to your individual skills, ranging from building classrooms while staying in Morocco to helping preserve birds in New Zealand. 
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( UFSC) According to text 1, it is CORRECT to state that: 
01. It refers to one type of tourism that allows you traveling without paying anything. 
02. In programmed volunteer vacations you can do whatever you want with your time. 
04. Volunteer vacation programs decide on the best program for you. 
08. Your journey will be programmed according to your talents of preferences. 
16. “A taste of volunteering” means taking part in a luxury trip while experiencing exotic food. 
32. It indicates ways of traveling cheaper, but you need to meet some requirements.
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