Questão 13

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Mrs. Harris has _________ in Italy since last year. 
a) Lives 
b) Lived 
c) Left 
d) Liven 
e) Living 
He has _________ the school bus for years. 
a) Drift 
b) Drive 
c) Driving 
d) Drove 
e) Driven 
They have _______ all their books and CDs. 
a) Bring 
b) Bringing 
c) Brought 
d) Bringed 
e) brang 
The kids have just ________to visit their grandparents. 
a) Come 
b) Came 
c) Camed 
d) Comes 
e) Coming 
William has _________his motorcycle for hours. 
a) Rode 
b) Riden 
c) Riding 
d) Rided 
e) Rides 
The phone has Just ______. 
a) Rang 
b) Ringed 
c) Rings 
d) Ringing 
e) Rung 
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