Texto: O Bullying na Era da Tecnologia

O Bullying na Era da Tecnologia

O cyber bullying ou bullying cibernético tem as mesmas características do bullying tradicional, que envolve brincadeiras de mal gosto, humilhações, ameaças e o denegrir da imagem do outro, porém, com algo a mais: as tecnologias. O uso de celulares, redes socais e e-mails dinamiza a comunicação entre as pessoas, mas também contribui para a disseminação do bullying. O texto a seguir foi retirado de um site que apoia o movimento contra a prática do bullying. Vamos aos dados e fatos com a leitura?

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Cyber Bullying Facts
Since  cyber bullying is an all new phenomenon, many people need to get a better picture of how it can affect their lives. Parents and kids may want to take a look at some of the cyber bullying facts that are out there. This can help them realize that they are not alone and can get help with these problems. Many people can get a better picture of this issue by reviewing some of the cyberbully statistics that are out there as well. This may give people the inspiration that they need to improve on their life in a few important ways.
First, many people will just want to get a picture of the national prevalence for cyber bullying. There are reports that indicate that 1 in 3 young people have received some kind of threat online. It is also estimated that fewer than 1 out of 5 threats of cyber bullying will actually be reported to the police. Though these figures may be hard to believe, they do represent a clear trend in society. Cyber bullying has undoubtedly taken root in society, so it will be important to find ways of controlling it soon. Most people will want to check out how they can actually get help by just understanding more about what qualifies as cyber bullying. It can also help to just get a definition of what to expect when cyber bullying does occur.
It is important to note that cyber bullying can occur through a wide variety of different mediums, making it somewhat challenging for parents. Over 80% of teens now use a cell phone these days, making it one of the most popular forms of communication. But this has also opened the door for cell phones to be used for bullying. This has blurred the lines for many parents, who may not be sure how cell phones can be used to accomplish cyber bullying. This will make it even more challenging for people to adapt when they notice that their child is being affected by this as well.
Parents may also need to realize that cyber bullying can actually impact the lives of many different people out there. There are an estimated 10-20% of teens that report being cyber bullied on a fairly regular basis. This could actually impact the way that they tend to manage some of these different types of situations over time. Most parents will want to check in on their kids during this process, since they may need to monitor their situation. They should make sure that these cyber bullying attempts are decreasing in prevalence over time. Parents should be ready to identify some of the warning signs associated with the way that these events may unfold as well.
Many cyber bullying victims are wondering if there is some reason why they have been affected in this way. Research has shown that cyber bullying has the capacity to affect people of all different types of races. It can affect both genders as well, so parent should be ready to identify some of the common warning signs along the way. It is important to note that girls as well as boys are likely to engage in cyber bullying. It is a trend that seems to have affected everyone throughout the culture as well. This has impacted the lives of many people out in the community, drawing in a lot of media attention has well. The sheer prevalence of this issue has been a major cause for concern among people in the community.

There are some considerable effects that may go along with incidents of cyber bullying. Victims will tend to have lower self esteem, which can actually impact the lives of many people out there. Some will be impacted in a number of ways because of this, due to the fact that low self esteem is challenging. Most people will want to understand how cyber bullying may actually impact the performance of their child in school as well. Their academic performance may slip, which can have a lot of different types of ramifications. Some students may actually get to the point where they feel like they have developed suicidal thoughts due to cyber bullying.
Many cyber bullying incidents can have far reaching consequences as well. It is estimated that 1 out of 10 teens has had damaging information leaked about them through these incidents. This has actually prompted many to seek professional help, because it can have a substantial impact on the way that their lives may change over time as well. Most parents will want to make sure that these issues are resolved in just a short amount of time, since it can help students keep their lives on track. Parents should do their part by trying to understand more about the situation that they are facing over the years.
Finally, many parents will just appreciate the chance to learn more information about the different types of news reports on the subject. This could actually have a substantial impact on the way that these issues could develop over time, impacting the lives of many. Some parents may want to talk to their kids and let them know that they aren’t alone. This can be an isolating experience, which may affect the lives of many kids in different ways.
Getting the cyber bullying facts can help them maintain confidence in themselves during this process.

Reading Analysis

Top 10 Vocabulary

  • attempts: tentativas
  • to blur: fazer ou tornar-se obscuro ou menos distinto; obscurecer (não ser claro de entender)
  • to improve: melhorar
  • to engage: participar ou envolver-se em
  • to prompt: ajudar, estimular, levar ou incentivar alguém a dizer alguma coisa
  • threat: ameaça
  • thoughts: pensamentos
  • trend: tendência
  • soon: brevemente, em um curto período de tempo
  • to unfold: desdobrar

Thematic Vocabulary - Personalidade
(Caracteres Negativos)

absent-minded (ábsent-máindid) - distraído
aggressive (agrésiv) - agressivo
annoying (anóing) - irritante
arrogant (árrogant) - arrogante, prepotente
bad-tempered (bád témperd) - de mau gênio
boastful (bóustful) - orgulhoso
boring (bóring) - maçante
bossy (bósi) - mandão
cheeky (chíiki) - atrevido
clumsy (clamsi) - torpe
competitive (compétitiv) - competitivo
conceited (consítid) - vaidoso
cowardly (káuarly) - covarde
credulous (crédchulos) - crédulo
cruel (crúel) - cruel
dishonest (disónest) - desonesto
disrespectful (disrispéktful) - desrespeitoso
dominant (dóminant) - dominante
eccentric (ikséntrik) - excêntrico
envious (énvios) - invejoso
fiend (fíind) - fanático
forgetful (forguétful) - esquecido
frivolous (frívolos) - frívolo
fussy (fási) - atarantado
gullible (gálible) - crédulo
hypocritical (jipocrítikal) - hipócrita
impatient (impéishent) - impaciente
impulsive (impólsiv) - impulsivo
indifferent (indíferent) - indiferente
insecure (ínsekiúr) - inseguro
insensitive (insénsitiv) - insensível
insolent (ínsolent) - insolente
introverted (íntrovérted) - introvertido
irascible (irásibl) - irascível
irresponsible (irrispónsibl) - irresponsável
jealous (dchélos) - ciumento
lazy (léissi) - preguiçoso
lonely (lóunli) - solitário
materialistic (matirialístic) - materialista
mean (míin) - mesquinho
moody (múudi) - mal-humorado
naive (naíiv) - ingênuo
nosy (nóusi) - curioso
obsessive (obsésiv) - obsessivo
obstinate (óbstinet) - obstinado
passive (pásiv) - passivo
pessimistic (pesismístic) - pessimista
petty (péti) - mesquinho
pretentious (priténshos) - pretensioso
proud (práud) - orgulhoso
rash (rásh) - imprudente, precipitado
rebellious (ribélios) - rebelde
restless (réstles) - inquieto
rude (rúud) - rude, grosseiro
ruthless (rúzles) - cruel
selfish (sélfish) - egoísta
shy (shái) - tímido
spiteful (spáitful) - malvado
stingy (stíndchi) - pão-duro
strict (stríkt) - estrito
stubborn (stáborn) - inflexível
sullen (sólen) - calado
talkative (tókativ) - falador
unpredictable (anpredíktabl) - imprevisível
unreliable (anreláiabl) - que não é de confiança
vain (véin) - convencido
vicious (víshos) - viciado
vindictive (vindíktiv) - vingativo



False Friends (Be Careful!)

  • actually: na verdade
  • figures: números
  • parents: pais
  • realize: entender
  • report: relatar
  • reports: relatórios

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs são verbos formados por duas ou três palavras (verbo + advérbio/preposição).  Os phrasal verbs são muito comuns na língua inglesa. Conhecê-los significa interpretar corretamente as frases e situações e também aumentar seu vocabulário! Adicione alguns deles ao seu estudo! 
  • to check out: conferir
  • to get along with: se dar bem com, conviver bem com
  • to go along with: acompanhar, fazer companhia
  • to let (someone) in: permitir que alguém entre em algum lugar
  • to let (someone) down: decepcionar alguém

Grammar Lesson: Conditionals (Condicionais)

Condicional, como o próprio nome diz, implica condição. No inglês, as sentenças condicionais expressam situações hipotéticas, que podem vir a acontecer ou são imaginárias.
Vamos, agora, observar as possibilidades de uso das sentenças condicionais e suas estruturas:

Did You Know That?

  • Perceba que é possível inverter a posição das sentenças que constituem a estrutura condicional:
She will not go to the beach if it doesn’t rain. (Ela irá à praia se não chover.)
If it doesn’t rain, she will not go to the beach. (Se não chover, ela irá à praia.)
  • É possível o uso de were para todos sujeitos e pronomes:                                                                                       
If I were Karen, I wouldn’t buy such an expensive house.
(Se eu fosse a Karen, não compraria uma casa tão cara.)
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